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My name is Niamh Cullen, and I'm just an average girl with a dream. For the last few years now I have been incredibly lucky having the chance to meet so many amazing people and getting to work with some great talents. 

On this website I plan to give all my readers regular fashion, beauty, hair, and fitness updates. I will keep you all informed on what I wore to events, my fitness journey (see below), and generally everything that's happening in my life. If you would like to find out more (on a right now kind of basis), please feel free to follow me on my various social media accounts. 

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My Fitness Journey


I would really like to share with you all a brief insight on my fitness journey, and how I am at the stage I am now.

I started my fitness regime on the 4th of January; reason being I was always a fitness lover. But after moving into an apartment with my best friend, her partner and my boyfriend Karl, healthy eating and exercise wasn’t a part of my daily or even weekly routine. Over the few months it consisted of lots of drinking on the weekends and plenty of take aways and bad food! Over the Christmas period, I found myself in a rut and a bit down. I told myself in January that I wanted to be the best version of myself. I wanted new challenges, so with that, I set myself goals; which actually included setting up a blog.

So here I am now, I am going to share every detail.

I decided to start personal training to kick start my fitness. I done 1 to 2 40 minute sessions a week. I would try make evening classes but with my job I found I could never make them. I knew I needed to do more so that’s when I started working out at home. I would do Quick HIIT sessions that I would write out on my lunch in work then come home and I would make either Karl or Sarah count me to make sure I wasn’t missing a burpee or jump squat! (Lol)

I found personal training amazing, I learnt so much about different exercises and what it does for body so when I was training myself I knew my technique was perfect and that I was preforming right on each exercise. It is something that I have been able to share with family and friends when training with them too.

Obviously personal training costs money and so does signing up to food plans; so for me I definitely couldn’t afford both. So this is where the whole clean eating was really my own. I was given a brief list of foods that I could eat and not eat off my trainer Aaron. But with this everyone is different, and I found a couple of weeks into my training, sugar/carbs was something that I really needed to cut out.

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